“Dreaming Of Me,” Speak And Spell (1981) • “People Are People,” Some Great Reward (1984) • Black Celebration (1986) • “Personal Jesus,” Violator (1990) • Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993) • Sounds Of The Universe (2009) • Delta Machine (2013) • “Where’s The Revolution,” Spirit (2017)

“Los Angeles embraces individuality, compassion, and creativity, and Morrissey expresses those values in a way that moves Angelenos of all ages,” says Mayor Eric Garcetti.

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What makes DM different is that they’ve stuck to their guns, at times not deemed cool, but they are truly uniquely. They take their own path. And always have done. They’ve inspired a generation of bands from so many genres (they were the first band to issue a house track), a have a huge back catalogue of classic unique tracks. Every time they play – they know what the fans want – they deliver the new and the classics too. Gahan’s vocals are the best they’ve ever been and his on stage energy, moves and dance ability, would put most guys half his age to embarrassment. All done with a million percent commitment, passion, a wiggle and always with a broad grin on his face.

“We’re fucked,” sings Martin Gore on ‘Fail’, the final track on the new Depeche Mode album ‘Spirit’. It’s not exactly the uplifting, elegiac ending to ...

That soulfulness amid the misery is the key to making sense of ‘Spirit’. Something about Martin Gore’s summation of the state of the world on ‘Fail’, with its finger-pointing, ‘shame-on-you’ air evokes the same mood as Marvin Gaye’s ‘What's Going On’ album. Drawing a comparison between a late-period Depeche Mode LP – that some might cynically view as nothing more than a reason for yet another mega-tour – and a classic, politicised Motown album seems sacrilegious somehow, but weirdly apt. This is the kind of album that is necessary for shining a light on our basest traits and for encouraging us to think differently all over again; in that sense, for the first time in a long time, Depeche Mode have judged this just right.

Depeche Mode have announced North American tour dates for later this year. The band's forthcoming LP 'Spirit' will be released on March 17, and was produced by Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford. It's their first album since 2013's 'Delta Machine' and has been preceded by lead single 'Where's The Revolution'. Having already scheduled European tour dates from May to July, Depeche Mode have confirmed that they will then tour North American from August through to October.

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Depeche Mode - Black CelebrationDepeche Mode - Black CelebrationDepeche Mode - Black CelebrationDepeche Mode - Black Celebration