Harry Applegate -   the official Six Flags historian/site admin of the  Great Adventure History  page  for seeking out information that has long since evaporated into thin air. I appreciate your efforts! 

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Season Two: " The Ape Who Would Be King " • " Trunks for the Memories / Kasaba Ball " • " Hathi's Makeover / Curse of the Magnificent Melon " • " The Five Bananas / Birthday Snake " • " Old Green Teeth / The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No " • " Hair Ball / A Tail of Two Tails " • " Waiting for Baloo / Tree for Two " • " Nice Tiger / Sleepless in the Jungle "

Let's Get It On was released on June 15, 1973 on the album with the same name. Written by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend, this classic Motown hit received positive reviews from critics. With seductive lyrics and fluid sounds, it is considered one of the top romance songs of all time.

Sexual Healing was recorded in 1982 on Columbia Records. It reached #3 on the Billboard singles pop charts, spent a staggering ten weeks at number one on the R & B charts, and won two Grammy Awards in 1982 for Best R & B Vocal Performance and Best R & B Instrumental.

Got to Give It Up is a disco song written by Marvin Gaye in 1977. Originally titled “Dancing Lady”, it began as an almost twelve minute song for a live double album. Even though Marvin Gaye was pressured by Motown to record a disco song, it hit number one on the Billboard charts. He sang both lead and background vocals.

The Second Jungle Book is a sequel to The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling . First published in 1895, it features five stories about Mowgli and three unrelated stories, all but one set in India , most of which Kipling wrote while living in Vermont . All of the stories were previously published in magazines in 1894-5, often under different titles. The original book is now worth $ million. [ citation needed ] The 1994 film The Jungle Book used this book as a source.

From short cruises along the Thames to extravagant corporate affairs and wedding receptions, French Brothers really are the boat operator of choice.

Growing up in a Pacific island jungle gives our family a first-hand view of God’s stunning creation. From breathtaking mountains to colorful birds and butterflies, there‘s always more to explore and discover! Of course, foreign missionary life is also full of challenges, hard work, and even some dangerous situations. Come along with us on the adventure!

Jungle Brothers - Funtopia Dolcis Shake Shake Shake Your BootieJungle Brothers - Funtopia Dolcis Shake Shake Shake Your BootieJungle Brothers - Funtopia Dolcis Shake Shake Shake Your BootieJungle Brothers - Funtopia Dolcis Shake Shake Shake Your Bootie